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  • What is Donut O-Matic?
    Donut O-Matic is the first all-in-one donut production system that is affordable for small business operators. Donut O-Matic can produce donuts consistently and efficiently.
  • Where is Donut O-Matic made?
    Donut O-Matic is made in South Korea. South Korea has a reputation of producing high-quality goods in several market segments. Cell phones, computers, vehicles, machinery, cosmetics, robotics, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, processed food, and fashion apparel are just a few examples of high-quality South Korean products that sell exceptionally well on the global market. South Korea is usually among the first countries adopting (or even creating) new technology. South Korean companies like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai produce cutting edge electronics, vehicles, kitchen appliances and much more.
  • Does Donut O-Matic offer financing?
    Yes, we offer financing and leasing options for United States and Canadian customers. Please, click on our 'Financing Options' page.
  • How is Donut O-Matic different from other donut machinery companies?
    We create an all-in-one donut automation system solutions that meet the needs of small business owners at a budget and are designed to fit smaller spaces.
  • What are the electrical and pneumatic requirements for your machinery?
    Each machinery system may have a different requirements but as a standard 5 Layer machine 220V/3P/60Htz/45Amps and 3 layer machine 220V/2P/60Htz/23Amps. You also require 2hp air compressor with 4-6 gallon tank for the pneumatic system.
  • Can I test the machine and see a demo before I place an order?
    Yes, you can! We have a demo machine available in Nashville, TN and you can see us run the machine. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.
  • What is the expected delivery date ?
    Delivery of Donut O-Matic is based on current manufacturing workload. Normally 12 to 16 weeks from time of order placement with down payment.
  • Do you provide machine training?
    We can send a technician to you for an on-site training. You will receive training in how to operate, trouble-shoot, and maintain the machine.
  • What types of donuts does Donut O-Matic make?
    Donut O-Matic makes yeast raised donuts. The sizes are customizable from 20 gram - 65 gram.
  • Do you provide recipe consulting service?
    Yes, we supply premix that run efficiently with Donut-O-Matic. Please, contact our sales department for more information.
3 Layer Trays

Get ready to level up your donut-making game with Donut-O-Matic! This innovative machine can cut, proof, fry, and glaze with ease, allowing you to create delicious treats quickly and efficiently. One-person operation means you don't need a team to make the perfect donut. Discover the convenience and quality of Donut-O-Matic today!

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