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At Donut-O-Matic, we understand that financing your new equipment can be a challenge. That's why we offer our valued customers a range of accessible and affordable financing and leasing options. With just a few clicks, you can easily apply for financing and enjoy the benefits of owning your own donut equipment. Click below to start the financing process today!

Financing and Leasing your new donut equipment has plenty of benefits:

1. Preserve cash in the business - paying for your equipment over time enables you to keep precious cash in the business for working capital;

2. Flexible funding options – your finance arrangement can cover the total cost without being overly prescriptive about the precise products being purchased;

3. Tax advantages – depending on the type of finance arrangement you can offset the expenses against Corporation Tax and even VAT liabilities.

3 Layer Proofing Trays

Get ready to level up your donut-making game with Donut-O-Matic! This innovative machine can cut, proof, fry, and glaze with ease, allowing you to create delicious treats quickly and efficiently. One-person operation means you don't need a team to make the perfect donut. Discover the convenience and quality of Donut-O-Matic today!

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